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Original character design by Dinopiggie

Professional summary

Wedding & Event Planner and Designer (AED Certification)
Bartender & Barista

Currently immersed into the BNHA fandom as a fanzine moderator and enthusiast.

A little about me

A cocktail of pure chaos at your service!

Ace of spades: BNHA Mafia zine (2021 - COMPLETE)

A fanzine surrounding the characters of the Boku no Hero Academia series in a mafia-esque alternate universe setting.

Head & Social Media Mod
Seoncary Art & Beta Mod
Designer for Tumblr & Carrd

Graphics design by @kitkitsune13

Graphics design by @PetiteNikk

Strawberry lemonade: a summer kiribaku zine (2021 - Complete)

Strawberry Lemonade is a fanzine centered around the ship Kirishima Eijirou x Bakugou Katsuki and their summer break adventures.

Social Media Mod
Designer for Carrd

BakuDeku Big bang 2021 - 2022

A Big Bang is a challenge for fic writers and fan artists to work together and a create a ‘big bang’ of fan work. For this specific Big Bang, the focus is on BakuDeku!

Primary Art Mod
Secondary Beta Mod

Graphics design by @loknnica

HUSTLE: Hawks Fashion Zine

HUSTLE will feature a variety of scenarios related to Hawks and fashion in a multitude of settings.

Social Media Mod

Fika Café Zine
(creation phase)

A SFW BakuDeku café-themed zine

Head & Art Mod

Graphics design by @rinriemie

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